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How To Trade or Resell Clothing

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

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Tired of your wardrobe or just really need to purge? There are several outlets that you can utilize .

1. Resale Shops : Make sure your items are neatly placed in a bag or bin and clean. It will save time and make you more cash. Also, PLEASE do not turn in items coated with animal hair. Most stores will not even look at the items because most stores do not clean their items–that is what the funky smell is. At Strawberry Monday, we wash everything before it hits the racks or the mail.

2. Consignment Sales : These sales take some time on your part but can be really profitable. Make sure to mark your items to sell. If they are marked too high you will be bringing them home and will not be happy 📷 .

3. Yard Sales : You can have a yard sale and from my experience people do not want to pay more than $2 for a clothing item. If you have things that you need more from then do the Consignment sales. Make sure to hang your items nice or have them on tables. Many people can not get down on the ground to dig –myself included–and will not even stop at your sale. If you invest some time to make it look nice you will make much more money.

4. Sell Online : Ebay is a great outlet and can also be time consuming–I know! Also, the more items you list the more business you will have. If you sell Online, make sure your pictures are nice and abundant. Invest in a half torso mannequin if you can–they are about $20. Also, outside is the best place for true light and make yourself a scene. It does not look professional if your light is bad and items are laid on a floor or bed- you will lose out on sales or be offered less money.

Also, Craigslist, Offer-Up and many Facebook groups are good outlets and be safe about it. Don’t let people come to your home if you can help it. Generally, most people are honest and true but there are some that do not have good intentions, so meet in a public place if possible. Safety first!

5. Switch With Your Pals : Save your items and get together with your friends and switch. That can be really fun! There are also switching events that you can sometimes find locally.

6. Donate : If you don’t have time for any of this just donate to wherever you can. Many people will benefit from your kindness.

When I go through my closets I have 3 bins : Resale – Yard Sale – Donate. I resale, then yard sale, then donate. It works for me.


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